About GameReleases.eu

GameReleases.eu started in January 2019 with a soft launch. The platform is fully functioning since April 2019. The main goal of the website is to gather release dates for the PC, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch and Stadia. The purpose is to ‘Find release dates and discover new games’ in an easy and eye-appealing way. For those who prefer a simple list, this site offers this feature by clicking on the ‘Simple View’ in the top right corner.

Release dates

Release dates are coming from publishers or developers (e.g. official game websites, trailers, announcements and press releases) or retailers. GameReleases.eu does not publish release dates based on rumors.

How you can contribute

There are a lot of games launching during a year. We would like to getter a lot of them, but we will definitely miss some. You can help to make GameReleases.eu a more complet and accurate platform. Do you miss a game, see a wrong release date or other wrong data? Please let us know by clicking on the ‘Feedback’ button on the right side of your screen. Don’t hesitate, we would very much appreciate any comment.

For developers and publisher

As mentioned above we only publish official release dates. That means we are depending on developers and publishers. Of course we follow the internet and press releases as much as we can, but it’s also possible to send any news regarding a release date to news@gamereleases.eu.

About the creator of GameReleases.eu

My name is Maurice Verschuur and i’m from the Netherlands. I’m a gamer since childhood and raised in the era of Nintendo Gameboy, Sega and Prince of Persia,  to name some icons. There are a lot of game related platforms, but i always struggled finding one that had most of the upcoming games niceley ordered with trailers, screenshots etc. Thus GameReleases.eu was born. I love doing this, but i’m doing this in my spare time.


For developers and publisers to send announcements regarding a release date or new game:

Not a developer or publisher and see a wrong release date or a missing game? Use the feedback button on the right side of your browser.

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