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The Adventure Boy series was started in 2011 by two friends, Jeremy Swanson and Paul Georghiou at the age of 16. The first game in the series, Adventure Boy Cheapskate was made in flash using actionscript, and has garnered 100 000 plays on Kongregate and Newgrounds. An updated version saw a release on Steam in 2018.

The series has now become a solo endeavor, with Adventure boy Jailbreak being made in Unity with art, animation, programming, music and story all made by Paul Georghiou in just 3 months.

When a bottle-rocket test-launch goes horribly wrong, two kids accidentally destroy the only bridge out of town. One of the kids, Mike, is knocked unconscious, and wakes up in the county jail. The other is flung off the side of a building, landing in the bushes unharmed. That boy is Benson, and he has a plan. Rescue your friend from the police with a devious scheme. The goal is simple: find 3 ingredients to bake a cake, and hide a file inside. Take the cake past the guards to Mike’s cell, and use it to file down his bars. It’s an age-old technique handed down to you by the town’s sketchy local baker. The only problem is… You have no money. Benson must obtain all the ingredients the only way he knows how: by trading for it.


  • Swap items. Start by scrounging up whatever junk you can find. Talk to the people in town and learn of their problems, then find clever solutions using the things in your inventory. Helping people will reward you with more items, which you can trade for bigger and better things until you finally have your cake.
  • Features Logic puzzles and swap-quest gameplay, similar to classic LucasArts adventure games, amidst a backdrop of wacky, 90’s inspired hand-drawn 2D animation. Set in a vibrant small town full of colorful and hilarious characters, with themes of friendship, and transitioning to adulthood. Made by one person, resulting in a game with distinctive Eyeball2D personality.


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