Release datePlatformDeveloperPublisherWebsite
Original Date
3 April 2020
#1 Delayed Until
May 2020
#2 Delayed Until
June 2020
#3 Delayed Until
16 July 2020
Nintendo Switch
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Aeolis Tournament is a Nintendo-inspired 3D party game where up to 8 players compete in various game modes based on a simple one-button mechanic. Characters use an air cannon to control the power of the wind and affect their surroundings. Aeolis Tournament features physics-based gameplay, a tournament mode and local and online multiplayer play.


  • A configurable experience, local or online : Solo against our AI, on the couch against friends, online against players all around the world or with a bunch of friends against strangers online!
  • Different chaos events in each game modes : Storm with thunder strikes, mudslides, lava geysers, falling meteors, air-dropping crates and blizzards will spice up gameplay and ensure that every game is different.
  • Destructible and interactive environment : Physics-based gameplay means that with enough force, you’ll be able to break decor elements to reduce them to rubble! You can then pick up the pieces and use them as projectiles.
  • Power-ups : Power-ups spawn in each environment allowing you to get temporary effects like Speed Up, Force Up or Range Up to give you the crucial advantage to win the game!
  • Stats : Game stats are shown at the end of each game. For each game modes, 3 stats are registered.
  • Vast controller support on PC : Use of the Rewired plug-in for Unity and some in-house work means you’ll be able to play on PC with most controller you can get your hands on.


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