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Original Date
February 2021
Delayed Until
August 2021
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This is a story of a long way back home. A usual evening turned out to be a dreadful adventure that’s one can’t simply get out of. An infinite maze of floors and stairways will not let its prey escape unscathed. All that dwells inside exists between fiction and the reality. It is time to face the monsters of your subconsciousness, meet the other house residents and determine their fate. But the most important thing is to escape the depths of terror… and try to remain sane afterwards.

Key Features

  • Classic horror-themed 2D-adventure
  • Player’s choices influence the story and its ending
  • Detailed locations and characters drawn in comic book artstyle
  • Interesting puzzles that will keep you thinking for a short while
  • Death awaits at every corner
  • Monsters will keep living on in your nightmares

Free prologue

A free prologue is coming out to Steam on October the 5th 2020.


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