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23 February 2021PCUbisoft
Blue Byte
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Season 3 Pass for Anno 1800 will add three exciting new DLCs to the game throughout 2021. The three new DLCs will be focused on your home session in the Old World, giving you new challenges to master, residents to attract, and monuments to construct.

DLC 1: Docklands

Season 3 kicks off with the release of DLC Docklands. This will allow you to construct a modular new warehouse district, the eponymous Docklands, in your harbor, turning it into a global trade hub. The Docklands building is inspired by the “Speicherstadt” in Hamburg, Germany, which is not only the world’s largest warehouse district, but also a globally recognized UNESCO World Heritage site.

To allow you to truly live the fantasy of being a trade mogul, DLC Docklands not only allows you to completely remodel your harbor, but also gives you access to import/ export contracts. These allow you to exchange specific goods at set rates with several trading partners, allowing you to further specialize your economy by focusing on certain goods while reliably receiving missing wares via import and export with your partners.

To properly show your mercantile prowess to the world, Docklands also includes a variety of new harbor-themed ornaments to deck out your island with.

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