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17 April 2020PCCHEMICAL HEADS STUDIOSCHEMICAL HEADS STUDIOSGo to[icon type=”icon-popup”]
Massive multiplayer roleplay in giant city of unique players. Rise through the government to become the vicious President that you always wanted to be! Play on the field as a Police Officer, fighting against the gangs. Make your own gang and overthrow the government! Buy yourself the apartment you always deserved, build and decorate, and of course park your car.
Don’t like fighting? Do your best as a Paramedic healing others, or run a normal business selling goods like special items and vehicles. Explore the world and buy yourself an apartment, decorate it to your liking, and of course park your car. BADLADS sets out to expand and reinvent the classic roleplay mods of the past into a standalone multiplayer experience.
Players start out as a Citizens, thrown in a large city of Vegas. The environment full of unique ownable buildings. Players choose their career path: Government, Neutral, Crime.
The Government path puts players under the rule of the current President, what he says goes, disobey him and risk being demoted.
The Crime path lets players lead their own unique gangs, each gang has a unique hat color. Invite friends and destroy your enemies. Players are the master of their domain.
The Neutral path: Civilians, Construction Workers, Dealers. Players can become a dealer of goods for vehicles or items, even estates. Inherently opportunistic, they can choose to play either side to their own liking.


  • Large Mulitplayer World! A large multiplayer world full of mysteries.
  • Jobs! A vast array of Jobs that each have their own unique abilities.
  • Keys! Rent out apartments, homes and even entire buildings. Keys can be given to other players.
  • Building! Decorate and customize your estates interiors however you please.
  • Uniqueness! Unique character appearance procedurally generated from the players account.
  • Gangs! Players can create and lead their own unique gang.
  • Vehicles! Large selection of ownable vehicles with unique functions.
  • Items! A selection of unique items that each serve a different function.
  • Persistence! Players do not lose all their stuff when they log out.


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