Release datePlatformDeveloperPublisherWebsite
January 2020 (Xbox One)
23 December 2019 (Switch)
Xbox One
Nintendo Switch
NerfGameRedDeerGamesGo to [icon type=”icon-popup”]

Clumsy Rush is a fun-filled game that will have you and your friends laughing for hours. Move around like a duck, bump each other, steal the crown and have ton of fun together because time spent with friends and family is priceless.

Just tap out a beat and move your feet! Left foot, right foot, left foot, right foot – find your rhythm. It is absorbing, funny and cheerful. See that shiny yellow thing that looks like a crown? That’s what you’re after! Grab it and run to the finish line. You can’t be the King of the Race without a crown! Is your friend wearing the crown? Bump them, knock the crown off their head, then scoop it up and run, run, run!

The game is packed with 25 modifications, 27 Hippos and 47 random levels! There’s something for everybody to enjoy. Players make their moves at the same time, so the fun is faster than ever!


  • Product was tested on children! None were harmed in the process, but we have noticed side effects such as wide smile or tears of joy 😉
  • 25 random game modifications: Walking backwards, Bounce (flipper), Angle180, Backwards, ChangeLegs, Charge minus, Charge plus, Chubby, Crown Clones X2, Tiles Oil, Wrap, Freeze, and more…
  • Random 27 clumsy Hippos
  • Random 47 levels
  • Local multiplayer for 2 players

There’s no time to wait: just rush and save real Hippos in their wildlife. The publisher RedDeerGames will contribute part of the budget to support Hippopotamus in wildlife in Africa.


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