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10 October 2019
PS4 – Xbox One
24 April 2020
Playstation 4
Xbox One
KeokeN InteractiveWired ProductionsGo to [icon type=”icon-popup”]

Deliver Us The Moon is a re-release of the game. Afther cooperating with publisher Wired Productions the developers pulled back the already released game to polish and expand it.

The debut title from the ground-breaking Dutch developers, KeokeN Interactive, Deliver Us The Moon arrives on Steam for Windows PC on October 10. Counting down to launch, Deliver Us The Moon is set to take players to new frontiers on a genre defining journey. Experience huge space stations, lunar settlements and wide-open moonscapes, all brought to life for the very first time with the help of real-time ray tracing technology and Nvidia GeForce RTX.

Powered by Unreal Engine 4, Deliver Us The Moon is set in an apocalyptic near-future where the Earth’s resources have been depleted and humanity looks to the stars. Nations band together to create the World Space Agency, an organisation tasked with solving the extreme energy crisis. The solution: colonization and exploitation of the Moon’s natural reserves of Helium-3 to serve the energy needs of a growing Earth population. Suddenly, and without warning, communications with the Moon cease and the energy source is lost. Plunged into darkness and without power, years pass as world governments come together once more to embark on a new mission – to re-establish the energy supply and with it hope for the human race.

This release includes the following:

  • Additional game content: Tombaugh. Explore new environments, survive new dangers and finish the story as you make your way through the Tombaugh Facility.
  • Full textual localization into the following languages: English | French | German | Italian | Spanish | Russian | Polish | Korean | Japanese | Simplified Chinese. Full audio localization for: English | French | German.
  • Large Engine & Performance updates.


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