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12 November 2020Playstation 5Lucid GamesSonyGo to website

Destruction AllStars is a global sports entertainment event where stars & cars collide. Become one of 16 different AllStars and get behind the wheel to the sound of a roaring crowd as you wreck your way to the top. Can you master the mayhem?

Jump into the arena solo or with your teammates and run to your vehicle of choice. There’s a variety of different vehicles with unique speed and handling characteristics. Whilst you might have a particular favourite, it takes a true AllStar to master them all!

While behind the wheel, you’ll want to react to the match as it unfolds around you. Driving into opponents’ vehicles will do plenty of damage, but a well timed slam will annihilate them. Master using slam attacks to wreck, dodge and boost your way through the competition.

Key Features

  • Global Custom built Arenas for Multiplayer and Singleplayer
  • Destructive Gameplay Action in and out of vehicles
  • A large, diverse roster of Heroic Characters
  • Cinematic rivalries exploring our AllStar’s motivations
  • Enough cosmetics for you to stand out amongst the crowd

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