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16 April 2020PCByterunners Game StudioMovie Games
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Drug Dealer Simulator is, as the name suggests, a simulator, but persistent players will gain new understanding. There is a deeper meaning and even a message in the devotion to the realities of a local estate dealer. It is not without reason that Małolat (Polish rapper) became a game consultant, who also had less glamorous moments including having done time for dealing. Due to his experience, Drug Dealer Simulator not only faithfully reflects the entire drug trafficking industry but also its consequences.

Let us save the darkest secrets for gameplay only – you must deal with suppliers of goods, learn to prepare and set portions, manage growing production and distribution, customer relations, as well as a cartel and gangs. Forge alliances, and be careful of police watching you. It’s up to you whether to become an honorary “entrepreneur” enjoying the maximum benefits of clever operation on the black market, or an ordinary thug who unscrupulously uses everything and everyone on their way to the drug summit.

Drug Dealer Simulator is a first-person simulator consisting of many different mechanics. Set and trade portions on the streets and expand your range of influence. Decide stash locations, ensure their safety during storage and take care of equipment. Based on popular works of pop culture and the experiences of people from the drug underworld, the creators have prepared a game that faithfully captures the atmosphere and dangers of the business, and not just passively simulates the dealer’s basics.


  • A controversial topic presented with attention to detail and humorous elements
  • A narration of the main game mode, unheard of in simulators
  • Over a dozen unique mechanics that make a realistic simulation of the life of a drug dealer
  • A strong strategic, economic thread and moral dilemmas
  • Climate-building sound and music track


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