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26 February 2020PC
Xbox One
Nintendo Switch
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Edgar, an outcast in his 40s lives peacefully in the woods with his clever chicken and beloved squashes. Unfortunately, an unforeseen disaster will force our dear hairy man to leave his shack and join the local city of light… Boulzac. Coming to save his veggies, he’ll stumble upon the oldest and most terrifying secret the city has ever sheltered…​Edgar is a comic narrative game set in a weird and rich universe. The action takes place in a small village, reminiscent of the french countryside with its share of cliché and fascinating characters. It is developed by La Poule Noire, a cooperative that aims, through its productions, to make fun of social trends. In Edgar, conspiracy theory is at the heart of the plot.


  • A story-rich game with a strong zany/funny universe.
  • Edgar is a comfy game. You have to feel good, can stop the story when you want and talk with you hen, no pressure.
  • Discover a little bit of France in this game. Behind the story, we wanted to create the atmosphere of a small town just like where we come from.


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