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Original Date
30 July 2020
Delayed Until
13 August 2020
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For the People is an acute social novel with strategic elements that puts the player in the shoes of a state official.

Congratulations, dear comrade! From now on, you are the head of a small but important industrial center bearing the proud name of Iron-1. Your task will be to manage and rebuild it amidst the formation of a new totalitarian regime, currently faced with the consequences of the recent revolution, such as a deepening social crisis and an utter economic deficit. Yet we remain confident that it is young specialists such as yourself, who will lead this county to a stable and prosperous future. Glory to the Union of People’s Orange Communes! Glory to Comrade Steel!

Key features

  • Hooligans, ganging up on a defenseless old man? Lock ’em up!
  • It appears that grandpa is a veteran counter-revolutionary…
  • In that case, let the poor boys go… Pops had it coming!
  • Manage the appeals for justice from your citizens, grant or dismiss requests from subject departments, and untangle a web of political intrigue. Information is your most valuable resource, so do not be afraid to obtain it by any means necessary!


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