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23 July 2020PC
Xbox One
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Written by Maurice Verschuur 

November 12th, 2019 – The meaning of Carrion is ‘Dead or decaying flesh’, according to Cambridge Dictionary. Considering this is a horrorgame it doesn’t sound promising, no? But what if i tell you, you’re not the victim but the fear itself? Excited yet? In this so called ‘reverse horror’ you assume the role of an amorphous creature of unknown origin. You are imprisoned by humans but got loose and now it’s your turn to terrorise and consume those who kept you locked up. And trust me, it feels strangely good to be on the other side and chase instead of being chased. Developer Phobia Game Studio gave a sneak peek in an early Alpha version of the game.

A smart 2D-side scroller

Starting the demo you get to familiarise yourself with the controls which are basic and intuitive. You are a kind of tentacled creature which you control with your mouse. Just point and click in the direction you want and the tentacles grab themself onto walls, floors, ceilings and everything in between. As i move my creature true some large ventilation shafts i see a person sitting on a toilet. A perfect first victim voor my creature to consume. With my tentacles i pull myself closer to the person doing his thing. With my right mouse button i grab and rip out the metal airvent seperarting us. The human starts to panic and tries to run, but he can’t escape my tentacles. I click another time with the right mouse button and one of the tentacles grabs and rips my first victim apart and my creature starts to consume it. The first of many to come.

This was an easy victim you will enctour many times, but there are also challenging sentries, turrets and your basic humans with guns. But even the latter is challenging. With every bullet you take you shrink down until there is nothing left. And don’t get me even started about the flamethrowers with electrified shields which are a pain to kill. Luckily you can use the environment to your advantage. Office chairs, desks, doors, crates and many more items can be picked up with your tentacles and trown at a personon, knocking him out.

The demo for Carrion was short. It took me about a half hour to complete, but it gave me a good sence of wat the game can become. Especially the mechanics to move around gave me a very strong and powerfull feeling that you are in control of a creature looking for some flesh to decay.

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