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Original Date
March 2021
Delayed Until
30 July 2021
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You’re new to town, with only the tools in your backpack and a can-do attitude you build a new life for yourself on the beautiful island nearby.
Unravel the dark secrets the island holds as you venture deeper into the caves to search for what past travelers have sought after.

Len’s Island is a blend of peaceful building, farming and crafting, mixed with intense combat, dungeon battles and deep questing and exploration.


  • Build the home of your dreams. Build wherever you want, make it as big as you want, paint the walls, add some decorations, make it your own.
  • Looking for some more action? Len’s Island is a fast-paced, skill-driven dungeon crawler with a strong focus on engaging a wide range of combat types and loadout combinations. If you’re getting bored of building your home, tending to your crops and meeting the local townsfolk, there are deep, dark caves below the Island with plenty to explore.
  • Tend to your crops Use farms to grow the food which fuels your ventures into the dungeons and long days exploring the Islands; as well as grow exotic plants and flowers to sell back to the villagers for gold. Grow large-scale farms throughout the forest, or care for small garden beds on your balcony. Or if you’re not the green-thumb type, place some pot plants and call it a day.
  • Craft your own journey. Questing plays an important role within Len’s island. Help villagers with simple tasks like gathering some wood for Martinel or take on more dangerous ventures like finding lost loved ones trapped in the dungeons. You can make a big impact within the town and make some nice coin while doing it!

Len’s Island brings excitement and progression for many playstyles, all within a vibrant and engaging world. Catering to the hardcore dungeon-crawler fans, home-builders and decorators, explorers and completionists, farming fanatics, collectable hoarders, and people who just want to live the simple life chopping trees as the sun goes down.


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