Release datePlatformDeveloperPublisherWebsite
2 June 2017 (PC)
17 January 2020 (Switch)
Nintendo Switch
Platonic PartnershipPlatonic Partnership
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Over two years ago, Platonic Partnership released their first game based on their own experience and painful memories. Lydia addresses a serious issue: children having to deal with alcoholic parents.

The new publishing label will release Lydia on Nintendo Switch on January 17, with a unique DLC which serves as a donation system to support the non-profit organisation Fragile Childhood preventing and diminishing harms caused by parental alcohol/substance abuse.


It’s very simple, the player controls Lydia and interacts with items and characters. Several dialogue options are available and trigger different reactions but lead to the same final path.


A grim, oniric and anxious climate is set by gray-scale graphics hand-drawn by published graphic novel artist Henri Tervapuro and by an emotional music/voice composed by renowned film composer Juhana Lehtiniemi.


The tale of a girl who wishes for a happy childhood but can never have it. Grow up with Lydia, witness and try to understand the feelings, behaviours and events that moulded critical moments of her life. How may a little girl full of imagination perceive the twisted and manipulative family dynamics? How do you fight a monster you can’t see?


The issues reflected in this story unfortunately happen in real people’s daily life, as reminded by the Steam quotes displayed in the #LydiaDonation DLC Trailer.

That’s why we want to use the visibility of the game to motivate real-life changes: will distribute a DLC for 1 EUR/USD called #LydiaDonation. All the net revenues received will be transferred to Fragile Childhood, a non-profit organization preventing harm caused by parental substance abuse. The content that players will get is a colouring book of monsters that Lydia can only paint with happy colours, as a metaphor to making monsters less scary both in-game and in real life.


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