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1 September 2020PC
Playstation 4
Xbox One
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Written by Maurice Verschuur 

June 2, 2020 – While I am flying my spaceship in third person, battling enemy’s using rockets and lasers, I get flanked by another hostile. An indicator flashing ‘incoming missile’ pops up and I make a hard right evading the projectile. My focus gets back to the enemy ship I was hunting. I fire my guns and destroy it. In all the chaos I suddenly notice I am close to the enemy’s capitol ship. I manoeuvre to the side of this huge ship, aim for the hull and launch my boarding pod. My screen turns to first person and I find myself inside the pod I just fired. I am looking down at my feet while I hear some sort of grinding. I realise my pod is cutting true the enemy ship. A hatch at my feet opens and I am jumping down, readying my gun and finding myself in a maze of corridors. I walk true them when I encounter a hostile and with a few well placed shots with my shotgun he falls to the ground. I continue true a door into a large room were the ships terminal is, and my objective to capture it.

This is Project Genesis, a sci-fi PvP shooter which combines third person ship to ship combat with close quarters first person shooting. While flying your spaceship you use a ‘free look’ system that allows to aim and shoot in a different direction than you are traveling. According to developer 8 Circuit Studios “this is distinct from other space combat games that use a more airplane-like control scheme. It is a flight model that is designed for FPS players to quickly pick up and play.”

From Early Access to Free-to-Play

Project Genesis went in Steam Early Access on May 22th and has to be bought, but the full game will be free-to-play late 2020. So jumping in at this point is really for those who want to contribute to the development or just want to have early access. Premium cosmetic items and additional lore themed game modes will be available as in-game purchase. The developer says, “This model feels like the right match for the game: low-barrier, competitive, and ultimately avoids “pay to win” problems. We use small progressions as a way to keep the game feeling purposeful, and legendary items meaningful, not as a way to segregate or monetize players through grind.”

Like all other Early Access games you have to keep in mind this is a game in development. Encountering bugs and performance issues are something which will happen. Looking at the performance my overall experience was good. Only when entering first person I had cases where the frames dropped in comparison with flying my spaceship. Since it’s a PvP, matchmaking is an important aspect to the game and I had no trouble finding matches and loading up games. It took the game only several seconds finding, joining and loading up a game. Making it thus fare a perfect game to jump in quick and without hassle. But since it’s an Early Access I wouldn’t be surprised if this isn’t always the case.

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