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Rauniot is an isometric post-apocalyptic point and click adventure game which takes place to Northern Finland near Saana fjeld. Main character is an young woman Aino whos mission is to gather information about electricity production to the community she is living in.


In year 1975 massive nature catastrophe pushed civilization over the edge. Riots, massive conflicts and wars occurred. Once so glorious and powerful human race really lost it good. Main continents were drowned by seas. Heavy amounts of pollution spread around from collapsed nuclear power plants and -warheads. Not many survived from those deadly times.

Children born mutated or dead taking their mothers with them. Fathers walking alone in bitterness and sorrow driven to cannibalism as food resources slowly ran out. In this sad new world nature and man are trying to survive and find balance.

Still some individuals manage to trust one another just enough to establish groups providing protection, food, clean water, medicine, electricity and knowledge for better life. Aino is one of those lucky ones to be part of a group. But it can be one hard job in this world. Giving everything you’ve got in dangerous journeys and tasks prevents one to be isolated.


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