Release datePlatformDeveloperPublisherWebsite
7 March 2019 (PC)
5 December 2019 (Switch)
Nintendo Switch
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Players can escape an eerie clockwork world in Tick Tock: A Tale for Two on their Nintendo Switch. Solve puzzles together either on a Nintendo Switch each or play cross-platform with a PC, Mac or mobile.

Winner of best Cooperative Design at Indie Cade 2019 and Google Play’s 2019 Most Inventive App Award, Tick Tock is a pure co-op experience that requires voice communication to overcome each puzzle. You and your friend are each trapped in a different clockwork world. You must solve increasingly complex puzzles to escape, but neither of you can see the full picture. The only way to escape this mechanical maze is to work together, using voice chat (or good old face-to-face conversation) to guide each other to the exit.


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