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30 October 2020
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Tin Can is a frightening realistic survival experience where your ship’s systems are simulated down to the component level! You are lost in space in a fragile pod where only its thin hull separates you from space void. Your challenge is to discover ways to mend and repair your pod’s broken systems while staying alive and healthy until rescue can be called if they answer at all… How do you fix an oxygen generator that malfunctions? How do you deal with the atmospheric pressure and out of control temperature? And what do the blinking lights, alerts, sounds, and buzzers that keep going off mean? Passivity leads to death! Alone, trapped in space, with nothing more than your heavy breathing, rising panic, and oncoming terror, how do you prevail and overcome asteroid fields and nebulas!?!

Tin Can offers an incredibly detailed gameplay experience with extensive micromanagement; more than a dozen interconnected systems are part of your pod. Each has its specific function and poses different problems to tackle. You need to figure out what is wrong and retrace failures back to their source. You are the onboard technician and doctor! You are solely responsible for every component and system on the pod. Dismantle, swap, and fix broken items and study the detailed onboard manuals for guidance.

Tin Can include cosmic events that strike your pod and impacts your chance of staying alive. You need to anticipate and deal with critical situations as they appear to avoid certain death. You will experience medical symptoms as you play; your vision will blur; your breathing will get out of control, and wrong actions may cause unexpected unconsciousness. Maintain your health and stay wary of your life-saving health bars. Can you survive until rescued?


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