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3 December 2019PC
Playstation 4
Xbox One
Nintendo Switch
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Paint some walls, put down some carpet and maybe a few other interior decorating jobs—simple, right? Test your skills in this wild and fun co-op game and see just how ‘simple’ it is! Tools Up! lets you join up to three friends on your couch and throw yourself into
serious renovations! Paint walls, tear off wallpapers and move furniture against the clock! Let the mess begin!

Cooperate with your friends—or don’t, we don’t judge

The inhabitants of a skyscraper have left their homes in your hands. Take control of a team of wobbly renovators while you read blueprints, see what needs to be changed and come up with a plan to make it all happen before time runs out. Can you work together effectively when there’s spilled paint on the floor, only one copy of the blueprints and bubbling lava outside?

Party up every party

Bored with the campaign? Check out Party Mode and choose the level you want to master. Get the highest ranking on all the levels! Expect the unexpected, clean up any mess and make dull apartments shine. We know you can do it! The messier, the merrier The real fun starts when you spice the game up. Throw things to people in other rooms or throw people to other rooms. Steal the blueprints. Kidnap the only multi-purpose bucket. Be the bringer of chaos and manage the home improvement you always wanted to see. Be Tools Up Co.


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