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18 December 2020PC3lb Games3lb GamesGo to website

Vault of Stars is a single-player, exploration and puzzle-focused, first-person VR story game. It is being developed for Oculus platforms in the Unity engine.

The living constellations of the Great Zodiac have long served as a shield against the emptiness and entropy of the Void. But the Void’s corruption has seeped through the Vault of Stars, summoned by the evils of humanity. The stars have fallen to the Island of Souls and shattered the World Tree, plunging the world into night. The constellations have risen again as unholy shadows.

The Void is ascendant, threatening to devour and annihilate all of creation. Only you, the Starchild, can choose: Will you bring new life to the World Tree or let its light fade forever?

Vault of Stars is set on the Island of Souls at the base of the World Tree. You fly across the islands of the Zodiac Archipelago as a spirit of starlight using our innovative rubberband movement system. You will travel across the islands of the Vault, restoring the light or purging the shadows. The game’s narrative is delivered primarily through environmental storytelling – cave paintings, crumbling ruins, and animated memories of the past that replay like ghostly echoes.


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