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12 June 2020PC
Playstation 4
Xbox One
Nintendo Switch
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In Warborn, you assemble and command an army of elite units wearing technologically advanced suits of war, also known as Variable Armour. Observe from a top down view of the various maps made up of different hexagonal terrain tiles, call the shots and watch the action unfold in dynamic mid-combat cutscenes!

Once you have the basics of Warborn’s tactical combat down, you can test your skills in various game modes:

  • Campaign – Experience the story behind each of the four factions in exciting missions!
  •  Skirmish – Practise your tactics against AI opponents with adjustable difficulty
  • Online Multiplayer! – ace-off against players from all over the world in Competitive or Casual online matches!
  • Map Editor – The hexagon layout of Warborn’s maps makes for a very accessible Map Editor that let’s you get creative yourself!


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