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10 December 2019PCRoofkatRoofkatGo to [icon type=”icon-popup”]

WarpThrough is a fast paced action game where you can’t attack until you stop moving.

Balance going through warpholes and keeping the monsters in check, make split second decisions to dodge your foes or take them down and help Charlotte, Three, Ebbie and Manor fight through enemies stop the monster infestation!


  • Unique combat; ​Stop moving to attack!
  • Hostile dimensions to warp through; Each with their own monsters to face
  • Unlockable characters With their own attacks and individual playstyles
  • A charming, character focused story; Brace the dimensions to save your friends ​(and stop the monsters!)​​
  • A dog; His name is Ball
  • And much more; With weekly challenges, powerups, local multiplayer, etc.


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